George Clooney: Amal did not say yes immediately

Amal Clooney George let her "28 minutes" to wait before she replied to his marriage proposal with "Yes".

George Clooney admitted that although he had known immediately to want to spend with this woman the rest of his life, he had also made speechless when he stopped in April 2014 for her hand because it was unexpected for the lawyer. The actor, who will be back to see you soon in the Disney movie 'Tomorrowland' in theaters, recalled in an interview on the CBS show 'This Morning' at this memorable moment: "When I asked, well, as we had never talked about it ... There was no 'Maybe we should heiraten' entertainment. I have just so surprised. I asked her and she just repeated over and over again,' Oh my God 'and' Wow ' and we just sat together. I finally said, 'Look, I'm 52 years old and was now 28 minutes on my knees. So I need an answer soon, because otherwise I ausrenke my hip. I would then perhaps not in able to stand up again. "

The actor and his wife would have then vowed to never spend more than a week apart. When asked how have changed him married life, said the 'Syriana'-Star: "I have someone with whom I can talk about nothing and someone to give me is more important than all others before it is beautiful.."

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