Cannes: Cate Blanchett Why fascinates

Cate Blanchett moved deep into Carol Todd Haynes' where his character bourgeois divorcing falls for a young woman played by Rooney Mara.

In a few years the actress has become a safe bet in Hollywood capable of embodying the most diverse characters in very different films. 20 Minutes wondered what the actress could have so fascinating ...

She can be strong In Elizabeth Shekhar Kapur (1998), the film that made him famous, it embodies a sovereign capable of surviving multiple intrigues Palace. It will resume the role in 2007 for Elizabeth: The Golden Age whose action is thirty years later.

It may prove brittle Woody Allen has shown better than anyone the flaws of the actress in Blue Jasmine where it offers a dazzling benefit mythomane anthology. She collected an Oscar for the role in 2014.

She can be magical Cate Blanchett dream in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Peter Jackson Hobbit which transforms it into Galadriel, as beautiful as wise warrior elf created by Tolkien.

It can become another The beautiful Cate is forgotten in Aviator (1995) Martin Scorsese when she slips into the skin of another great actress Katharine Hepburn to turn the head of Leonardo DiCaprio who embodied Howard Hughes.

It can remain wonderfully itself Cate Blanchett is the likes of Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore. Married and a mother, she combines her film acting career and theater without ever needing to talk about her in People headings.

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