As a Jewish, Natalie Portman is "nervous" to live in Paris

US actress Natalie Portman well be married to a French, she admits to not being totally reassured with the idea of ??living in Paris. The former Queen Amidala in the Star Wars saga, today apprentice director [will present his first feature film at Cannes 2015] moved to Paris last year, two months before the attacks of Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Hide to move with the dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied, whom she married in 2012 and their son Aleph 3 years old. Since the sad events of last January, Portman said he was "nervous" to live in Paris.

I would be nervous to be Muslim in many places " She recently confided to the magazine The Hollywood Reporter and revealed his discomfort. Born in Israel, the actress, 33, says that as a Jew, live in Paris the stress and the attacks made him realize how France was "deeply culturally different" from the United States.

"I had been to Paris so many times in my life that at first I felt it would be very similar," he told the Oscar winner, "and then, when you live in a place, you begin to realize how we are different culturally, profoundly different, "she adds.

Asked whether she felt nervous to be Jewish in Paris, Natalie Portman has said "yes", however, nuancing his words, "but I would be nervous to be black (in the US). I would be nervous to be Muslim in many places. "

"I like being in a foreign place" Revealed by Luc Besson in Leon in 1994, Portman won a Golden Globe and an Oscar for his performance schizophrenic dancer in Black Swan released in 2011, the film on which she met her husband, the French Benjamin Millepied. At the January attacks, Natalie Portman was traveling but remembers the moment she heard the news: "Someone who I was reading the news and said" Oh my god He's just there having an attack in Paris. '"

Whether living in Los Angeles lacks, the actress replied simply: "I like being in a foreign place. You are an outsider, and I think that's what you built. That's what I've always known. ".

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