"Blind: A waking dream": Back on six characters of blind cinema

Blind: a waking dream, a sensory experience In Blind: A daydream Eskil Vogt, a young woman went blind begins to suspect her husband to lie to her. The co-writer of Oslo, August 31st (Joachim Trier, 2012) plunges Ellen Dorrit Petersen excellent actress in a nightmare and invites the viewer to share with her a true sensory experience between thriller and experimental cinema.

Alone in the night: the terror of a woman Audrey Hepburn nerves are strained in Alone in the night (Terence Young, 1967), where she is stuck in her apartment with gangsters ready to do anything to get the drugs hidden in a doll. This suspense playing both on disability heroin and claustrophobia of the viewer has not aged. This is great cinema.

Zatoichi: The Blind Samurai The vigilante is struck blind which did not prevent him to wield the sword of awesome way to turn his enemies into sausage meat. If he has seen many incarnations (including actor Rutger Hauer in Vengeance blind in 1989), one of the most compelling is Takeshi Kitano, irresistible in Zatoichi (2006), iconoclastic film where he cuts his enemies while doing clappers.

Daredevil: The blind superhero We prefer the recent series of Netfilx. Daredevil but also gave its name to an effete feature film by Mark Steven Johnson in 2003 when Ben Affleck, who plays the blind superhero laments appeared in red leather suit and skinny face his future wife Jennifer Garner. Too bad.

Blink: Alone with a psychopath Her neighbor is raped and murdered. Suddenly, a beautiful blind about to restore sight personified by Madeleine Stowe is confident that it will be the next victim of the killer. Blink (Michael Apted, 1994), yet another variation on blindness addressed in terms of the thriller, is not memorable but the film offers beautiful of adrenaline.

A blind: the game of cat and mouse Jacques Gamblin portrays a cop leading the investigation into the brutal murders in A blind (Xavier Palud, 2012). He suspects a blind starring Lambert Wilson strange that yet seems incapable of committing these crimes. The delivery of two actors is the major asset of this thriller classic invoice.

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